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Bye, Bye, SquidLog

The original crew of SQUIDOO's most engaged lensmasters has moved on to greener pastures. Unless we see a new crop of crazy loyal fans who are willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the world, we will board up the shop. … Read more...


AJ Ashley

Farewell Squidoo

Farewell Squidoo by AJ Ashley

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My account is locked

My Squidoo Account Has Been Locked, 838 Lenses

To show you that no one is immune to the clean up that Squidoo has been going through in the last few months, my own account was locked last Friday. I do not have more than one account, so as you can imagine I was horrified, furious and incredulous. Over the past week, I spent […]

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It’s Not All About You: Making Lenses More Personal

A fellow lensmaster, marciag, started a discussion today on Facebook, and I thought it warranted a post here on Squidlog. She is a well-established lensmaster who has a regular income from her lenses, and was talking about adding personalization on her lenses as SquidooHQ has been asking us to do since March. This post from […]

Writing Content for Money

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush with Squidoo

Just like the rest of you, I have been frustrated by the rapid changes on Squidoo. Unlike many of you, however, I went through a similar process when Hubpages found themselves slapped by Google a few years ago. And while I don’t always agree with Squidoo’s communication methods or their decisions, I still feel that […]

Keyword Density Dance

The New Keyword Density Dance

With the downward turn in overall Squidoo traffic, and the soon-to-be-released Panda 2.0 algorithm from Google, it is clear that Squidoo powers that be are revamping the rules on the site to clean up the level of spam, junk, and rule breaking content on Squidoo in the world according to Google. Google is the prime […]

To backlink or not to backlink

What Makes a Backlink Bad?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I joined a site named Squidoo. During the first year that I was a member, I was taught that creating as many backlinks as possible to my lenses was a good idea because it would make the lenses do better on Google search, thereby giving […]

College kids

Product Reviews for Dummies (or Newbies)

I have been involved in a discussion on Yuku with some other lensmasters regarding sales lenses and product reviews, and I thought that I would write this post as a guide for people who are afraid to dip their toes into the product review water, so to speak, because they can’t figure out what to […]