Ding dong – Angels calling? Do Squidoo Angels behave like Angels on Squidoo?

AJ is musing as to whether there’s Squidoo Angels behaving badly on Squidoo?

Giant Squid Open Mike BTR Show Review 8/31/09 | Squid Angeling

My take on the whole angel thing is that as an Angel, you are in a position to be the best you can be.

Seeing Some Squidoo Change Lately

If you have been paying attention, a lot of things have happened on Squidoo in the last few days.

I am a SquidAngel! | Squidoography


Andrew is one of the recently added Squidoo Angels. In this post he talks about what he’s looking for in a lens to consider it worthy his blessing. A must-read for every blessing seeker. I am a SquidAngel! | Squidoography.

Are Squid Angels necessary?