Checking Your Links When You Republish Your Lens


I have a lot of lenses,over 500 of them, and I cannot spend too much time babying them.  I have a general rule, which is that the lenses that are in the top two tiers get most of my attention, unless a seasonal lens’ season is coming up, then I update all the lenses in […]

10 Ways to Increase Amazon Sales on Squidoo Lenses


The potential for earnings on Amazon can be big if you can target just the right buyers and give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Adding an Income Stream to Squidoo: Hubpages

If you are not signed up on Hubpages, I think you should be. I am completely biased on this topic, but I have had great success on Hubpages this year, and I would like to see the rest of you do the same.

Adding an Income Stream: Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program for By adding direct links to Amazon products, you can earn a minimum of 4% commission on any item sold through your referral link.

How Often and When Do You Want to Get Paid Each Month

When I decide where to focus my attention to continue building up my online income, I am going to think about what time of the month I want to earn more money.