Boosting Lensrank: Tips

greekgeek Boosting Lensrank: Tips Lately, we are all talking about lensrank, because lensrank has gotten momentarily stuck in a black hole, and interestingly enough, I read Greekgeek’s blog post about one more way to boost lensrank.

“I’ve been pondering lately how Squidoo’s business model promotes helping other lensmasters, because we all profit when one profits. That’s true more abstractly on other sites, where success breeds success.”

Lensrank is an important indicator for us lensmasters because it tells us how we are doing with our lenses, and where we fit in the community. Of course, it is also one of the things that we are paid for. What I find most fascinating about the Squidoo business model, is what Greekgeek points out, that it benefits us AND Squidoo for us to lensroll to other lenses, and promote other people’s lenses. The longer readers stay on Squidoo as a whole, the more chances there are that Squidoo will earn more money which then gets translated to revenue sharing for us. Squidoo’s community is fostered for support and to help us earn more money all the way around.

How cool is that?! By helping each other, we all earn more money. I wonder what genius thought up THAT plan?



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