Happy 60th Birthday to Bev Owens!

Bev will be known to many of you as bevspaper on Squidoo and I would like you to join me in wishing this very special lady an extra special Happy Birthday.

Wife, grand-mother and friend to many on Squidoo, Bev joined the site around the same time that I did in the Summer of 2008. And like me, it was a very personal and upsetting story that first drew Bev to writing on Squidoo: He Chose Suicide. It was my response to that lens that started our correspondence, which turned into friendship when a group of us got together to see what could happen if Squidoo members collaborated to share what they know.

As with any group, people gradually left to pursue their independent goals, but Bev and I are still sharing what we know, together with Paula Atwell, and we are all so proud that our original project: Learn Squidoo: Step by Step is still helping lensmasters.

Bev, who is descended from Native American Indians, is a very spiritual, intuitive and empathetic person. She has a Native American Totems blog and also writes lenses about Birth Totems.

Bev is also an excellent Teacher and as she teaches her husband how to blog, she has shared those lessons in a series of posts called Beginners Blog at Writing Online.

Completely non-judgemental, Bev is a gentle soul, with a great sense of humor, but who is not beyond getting a tad “feisty” when needs be! We laugh and yes, we have cried together and she has been huge support to me as I try come to terms with the loss of my Dad.

Thanks to Skype, we speak regularly and Bev is definitely one of those online friends who I hope to meet in person one day.

So please join with me in wishing Bev a very happy birthday and leave your own personal message for her. As for me, all it remains for me to say is:

“Bev, you are well loved and such a special friend. Thank you for being you.”

Image: Birthday Banner in background Public Domain from Pixabay


About AJ

I am a wannabe writer, who for five and a half years was very active on Squidoo. I left the site in November 2013 for many reasons. I am now focussing developing my own sites and I will share my journey on my own blog.


  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Bev :-)

  2. My knowledge of Bev comes mainly via her writing (I discovered the Totems lenses early and was hugely impressed) but anyone who can write like that has to be a good guy. Happy Birthday, Bev.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bev! I have the distinct privilege of having met Bev in person and she is just as she comes across online – warm, friendly, and intelligent, someone who laughs often. Bev, i hipe you are enjoying your writing life and your grandchildren.

  4. Happy happy birthday, Bev! I am thankful to count you among my special internet friends! I hope your day is filled with celebrations and laughter!

  5. Happy Birthday Bev and many more to come.

  6. AJ, my dear friend, I thank you for this lovely Birthday message. And thank you to all of you you stopped by to read it and add your wishes. I have had a lovely day with my family and think that I will do as Joan Adams suggested…take the whole week to celebrate.

  7. A very happy birthday, Bev. You have been an inspiration since I joined Squidoo. I hope you have the best year ever and many many more.

  8. Happy Birthday to you Bev!

  9. Dear Bev, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get here to wish you a birthday message on Squidlog. You are one of my favorite people, and I wish you the best not just on this birthday, but all the days afterward. :)

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