The Life and Times of a Squidoo Lens

I have recently had a lens float to the top of my dashboard after being a solid third tier lens for over a year.  The lens is Disney Channel–Phineas and Ferb Episodes.

lens2359329 1230920024phineasandferb The Life and Times of a Squidoo LensThis is a good lens to talk about because without any real changes to this lens, it has grown in popularity because of outside influences.  Other than making sure the videos still worked on the lens, republishing it every few months, and improving the tags over several months, I have not done much to improve or change this lens.

However, the statistics have changed drastically for Disney Channel–Phineas and Ferb Episodes in the last couple of months.  I noticed that the traffic was picking up on the lens a couple of months ago, and it started getting closer to tier two, so I gave the lens more attention.  Once a lens is in the 25,000 and up part of my dashboard, I pay more attention to it.

I began to republish it more often, and started tweeting it out regularly as well. Now the lens is at the top of my list, and in tier one.

Here is a look at the lenrank journey for this lens:

lensrank map 250x87 The Life and Times of a Squidoo Lens

As you can see the lensrank has stayed relatively steady over time since it was published in January 2009, slowly rising up, with a jump upward recently.  The ups and downs you see on this chart are pretty typical of any lens because lensrank changes daily.  You can also see a dip the first February right after it was published.

One of the interesting things about this lens is that the keywords that most people are finding it with are in the title, and have been since it was originally published.  I have also not changed the introduction at all.  It is on the first page of Google for the main keywords, and frankly I only checked it because it was getting so much traffic now.  I cannot tell you any state secrets that have made this particular lens grow all of the sudden, but I did pick a topic that appeals to families, and is popular all year round.  Summer is the biggest time for Phineas and Ferb because the show is about the summer plans of two young boys, but certainly you can watch it on TV all year.

However, this is part of what I want to remind you about the time factor involved with Squidoo or any other online pursuit.  The longer you give your entire portfolio to grow, and the more you do, the better you will earn if you learn how to write your lenses in a way to attract targeted traffic.  There was really never anything wrong with this lens in the first place but now it is really hitting its stride due to the lens itself, the growth of the popularity of Phineas and Ferb, and because more people know me online.  This lens is well placed to do well during the holiday shopping season, because who wouldn’t want to own some piece of this wonderful, fun, and family oriented show.


About lakeerieartists

Paula Atwell is an artist, writer, and owner of Lake Erie Artists Gallery at Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find her on Squidoo as lakeerieartists.


  1. Oh no… Phineas and Ferb – they have a very catchy tune about summer vacation that my 12 year old loves. I do see your point about giving it time to grow, it certainly pays to be patient.

  2. I have to admit that my husband and I might love Phineas and Ferb even more than my kids do. :)

  3. Time and patience does tell us. Just this summer my bread and butter pickle lens that I made over a year ago took off like ‘wow’. It has been in the Top 100 for over 20 days. Can anyone invent a cuc that yields year round…lol!

  4. Never heard of Phineas and Ferb, do I live in a cave? :-) I’ve focused more on updating and improving older lenses rather than building new ones, and also learning more about promoting them with key words and back links, etc. I also have had the pleasure of watching a few JUMP lately like crazy. LOVE it!!!

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