With Two Weeks To Go I Am Now Ignoring Halloween!

Why am I ignoring Halloween? Afterall, Halloween is the second most profitable holiday for Squidoo sales pages in the whole year!

It’s all to do with planning ahead and with all the other Halloween Pages getting attention on the Squidoo Home Page, I am planning ahead for Christmas and New Year. Any Halloween pages published now are unlikely to do much until next year and I don’t want the distraction.

I have a new gift niche I want to develop and I need to get those lenses published NOW, if they are to have any chance of ranking well in Google in time for the Christmas Holiday Shopping spree that will really kick off after Halloween.

I also have done fairly well over the last couple of years in another niche – Chinese New Year, which is quite competitive. So although Chinese New Year does not happen until February 2013, I am getting those lenses done now. Again to give me time to get them ranked well, so that when people start searching for information and products relating to The Year of the Snake, my pages will hopefully be the ones appearing in the Search Returns.

(Incidentally, I am not particularly keen on poisonous snakes, but needs must!!)

Planning ahead is crucial in the online marketing game and this year I have made even more of an effort to keep my head down and not been distracted by anything that will divert me away from working towards my own personal goals. One of these has been to develop niches that will do well over the year, so that Christmas is not my main pay day.

This means that I have been focussing on “evergreen” topics in addition to those “I bet that will do well because it is topical” topics, like The Hunger Games, which will inevitably have a limited shelf life.

I have done very well out my Hunger Games niche, ever since the movie hit the big screens last March. My Hunger Games Halloween Costumes page has done extremely well and is my most successful Halloween lens ever, but none of this will last. I am sure that once Christmas is over, my Hunger Games pages in general, not just the Halloween one, will start to fade, until interest is revived when the second film is released in November 2013.

But in the meantime, I have two new niches to develop, plus related blogs (more about those when they are better established) that I need to develop, which I hope will be part of a more consistent income stream heading into next year.

So how far do I plan ahead for specific events? I guess I tend to look 3 or 4 months ahead when I can, but I know some people who will plan 5 or 6 months ahead – Paul Duxbury is one. He was driving us bonkers icon smile With Two Weeks To Go I Am Now Ignoring Halloween! with chat about Halloween, last June! However, I jest about driving us potty – because Paul was right to be looking at content for Halloween, eventhough it was Mid-Summer.

Paula Atwell is another – because Paula owns an Art Gallery, seasonal planning is second nature to her and July and August found her planning for Christmas.

Google loves “aged” pages that are updated every so often. So, a Halloween lens that was published in June will probably be ranked higher by Google than one about a similar Halloween Topic that was published at the beginning of October. This of course assumes that the keywords are good on both pages.

So if you haven’t turned your mind to Christmas sales yet, my suggestion is to forget about Halloween and get cracking on those Christmas Gift lenses – NOW! And it is not too soon to start thinking about Valentine’s Day….

Image: Public Domain image on Pixabay


About AJ

I am a wannabe writer, who for five and a half years was very active on Squidoo. I left the site in November 2013 for many reasons. I am now focussing developing my own sites and I will share my journey on my own blog.


  1. I agree with you, AJ – but I seem to spend a great deal of time updating and promoting my halloween pages – and that is paying off for me. So it’s a balance game. Creating new content for Christmas, New Years and Valentines vs keeping Halloween going strong with sales!
    And I, too, am seeking evergreen topics – those that will pay off throughout the year. I guess it’s all about balance! :)

    • Yes, it’s a constant juggling act Joan :) I too am updating lenses that I know people will start looking at around and just after Christmas, while trying to get those gift lenses done as well.

  2. This has been a very helpful article. I guess I better get started on my gift lens for Xmas.

  3. Hear, hear, AJ! I have been revamping Christmas and winter lenses, looking to January and February as well over the last week or so. :)

  4. Personally I just crank out (or have people crank out) pages about any topic I think will make money that I come up with. I agree that cranking out Halloween lenses won’t make money now, but having them up will be a big help next year.

  5. mouse1996 says:

    I am currently trying to finish some Halloween quests, yes I do them, knowing that my lenses won’t do much this year. However, once I am done with them I will have roughly 20 Halloween lenses that will be set to go come next, was it June you said? So I figure it’s not time wasted, but I do see it’s time to switch gears and get Christmas lenses rolling out too. Guess I am off to niche hunt. Great post.

  6. Hi AJ – was my blog “Fiddling Around” erased? If so, why? Thanks, Jane

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