Why Do You Squidoo?

About every six months to a year, I start to think about why I started writing on Squidoo and how far I have come.  For those of you who do not know my story, I began writing to help support the back end of my gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery, hence the name lakeerieartists.

Between the economy and the nature of the art business, it is hard to maintain a regular business cycle in an art gallery.  Art buying comes after pretty much everything else, because it is considered an extra or a luxury item, so if you are trying to make sure you have enough money to feed your family, you will not spend much on art.  Therefore, I am always looking for ways to help stabilize the income of the gallery to pay for regular expenses like rent.

It has taken me some time to establish myself online, and it has not been my primary business.  The funniest thing of all about it, is that I have an English degree and have always liked to write, but never did it professionally.  So I can say now that I am in my 4th year of writing online, that I have become successful, way beyond my beliefs of what I could do at the beginning.

When I started on Squidoo, I was skeptical like many people.  I figured that I would make a few dollars a month.  But I pursued it anyway on the off chance that I could earn enough money to pay at least one bill for the gallery.  I have learned a lot since June of 2008, and my Squidoo account has grown to over 500 lenses since then.  Beyond Squidoo, I have made and kept some valuable contacts, and several very good friends.  And I have learned a lot of information that has helped me grow my core business, as well as the writing business.  My journey to Squidoo has grown way beyond Squidoo itself, and I now have several websites, that all earn some income for the gallery.

In the end, I have achieved what I set out to do, add money to stabilize my gallery income.  Now I can look further to earn enough money to hire other people who need to work, and continue to expand my business.  This is why I Squidoo.  Why do you Squidoo?

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About lakeerieartists

Paula Atwell is an artist, writer, and owner of Lake Erie Artists Gallery at Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find her on Squidoo as lakeerieartists.


  1. Alicia L says:

    Thank you for sharing your Squidoo story. I first joined Squidoo after hearing about the site in a forum in 2009. I actually started using the site as a way to promote other articles I wrote online. But after over a year of getting adjusted I started actually writing lenses. I enjoy writing for Squidoo. I do not have nearly as many lenses that you do but I enjoy writing in the Niche that I do. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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