What Should I Expect After Christmas with My Squidoo Lenses?

With Christmas only a few days away, many people have finished their online Christmas shopping for now, and are venturing out to local stores to finish last minute Christmas shopping.  You can expect your sales on Amazon to slow down after today, although Amazon customers can still ship their purchases overnight tomorrow to get them on Monday.

However, I do want to remind you that people do buy things after Christmas online.

Many companies offer very good sales the last few days of the year, and customers take advantage of them.  Expect to see a sales dip on December 23, 24, and 25, and then it will pick up again through the end of the year.  Sometimes it continues on into January.

Questions about after Christmas traffic:

There has been an ongoing discussion about general traffic to lenses in the Squidu forum on Yuku.  It seems that there are essentially two different traffic issues that have cropped up in the last month.  One of the issues is that a change on Google related to image searches took place on or about November 17, 2012 and seems to have affected Squidoo accounts across the board.  This can be seen by looking at your Google Analytics account and following these steps:

* Traffic Sources > Sources > Direct
* Traffic Sources > Sources > Referral
* Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Overview   (Thanks to flycatcher for this information)

However, there seems to be something else happening which we can’t quite pinpoint right now that is only affecting some lensmasters.  These lensmasters are seeing a continued traffic drop since November 17.  I would love to start a discussion here as well to see if anyone can figure out a pattern for this traffic loss.  Whatever we can figure out, can only help all lensmasters.  So those of you who are data hounds, please see if you can contribute to this conversation.

As to after Christmas traffic, it is normal that your sales traffic will diminish eventually after Christmas.  This will most likely really hit sometime in mid-January, after people have spent the money they received as a gift on Christmas.  My question to you is, do you have a plan in action for traffic that would pick up in January?  Start thinking of what people shop for, or do in the months of January and February.

From AJ, Bev, Anne, and myself – -

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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  1. paperfacets says:

    The images issue hit me. My images that used to show in the first image page are not there anymore. I might put new keywords in the image module data to serve up something new for Google.

    For after mid February I hope to see my lenses fall into the slots they always enjoy through the year till Halloween. This trend has happened for me for three years maybe more. The lenses that float upward each year I do fine tuning to by revisiting the keywords, bio and the intro. Especially the intro. It seems my style and focus changes through the years and my intros usually get some changes.

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