Welcome to the SquidLog Network!

The SquidLog Network is a social networking site for the Squidoo Lensmaster community. In an effort to provide a productive environment of like minded squids we provide several tools to connect, interact and collaborate. After the heavy lifting of creating the site structure is done you will find more articles on how to best use this network to your maximum benefit. Stay tuned!

We are currently putting the finishing touches to the new SquidLog network and hope to be fully functional sometime in October 2009.

During this test phase, a few intrepid squids are putting the system through its paces. Feel free to contact us if you would like to join the test gang.


About Anne Corcino

Aside from being a Mom to the smartest, cutest and naughtiest boys on Earth, I am also an independent consultant and provider of Small Business Web Services.

I am especially pleased to offer assisted WordPress hosting at competitive rates for my fellow Squidoo lensmasters.

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