Taking a Step Back

For the last several weeks, I have taken a step back from my Squidooing, mainly because I had other things that jumped up to the top of my priority list and threw everything else for a loop.  As we all do, I have seasonal obligations that take precedence over my regular routine.

When I take a step back from Squidoo, I do not usually leave it alone for weeks at at time.  I still do quick checks, and some updating of my most popular lenses, however, I do not do big overhauls nor do I write new lenses.  During the same time, I refrained from writing some blog posts and on other sites.

Instead, I dove into my tax paperwork, data entry, and other tedious and boring business stuff that any business owner has to do.  In the U.S., taxes are due on April 15 (or thereabouts–this year it is actually April 17), and no one wants to mess with the IRS, so getting them in on time is of utmost importance.  For a small business owner like myself, it means a lot of paperwork, because I am only partially computerized, and do not like entering stuff so inevitably, I leave too much for the end of the cycle.

I also had another reason to step back, which was a big birthday on April 3.  Yes, I turned 50 years old this year, which is a huge milestone to me, and I have been spending some time thinking about what it all means to me.

What is so very cool about writing online to make money, is that you CAN take a step back, and your business still operates without you.  Sales are still made, money is still earned, and the work that you have put in previous to today is still churning out results.  I think it is a good idea to take a few days and step back from writing every once in a while.  It gives you a different perspective than you get being immersed in your job every single day.  It also reminds you to that work is just work, and life is what really matters.

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