Spotlighting AnnMackieMiller

This week in the Exhibition Room the spotlight is focused on Squidoo lensmaster AnnMackieMiller. If you haven’t visited any of Ann’s lenses, I recommend that you look at a few. There is an old adage that says that a picture is worth a thousand words and I feel that Ann does a lovely job of telling a story with her beautiful photography.

According to her bio page, Ann, joined Squidoo in August of 2009 and has graced us with several wonderful lenses since then. She tells us that she hales from nScotland but has been transported to Yorkshire, England where she finds the most incredible subjects to photograph and then share with us.

One of my very favorite lenses of Ann’s is Pictures of Baby Birds. Four little goslings are on an adventure and Ann was there to capture it on film. Her delightful photographs show some trepidation and heroism of these sweet little geese trying to do what Mom and Dad have asked them to do…follow them. We are reminded in pictures of what seems like a small step to an adult looks like a mountain in a little one’s eyes.

Ann is a wonderful example of taking the gift that she has with a camera and being able to promote her photography and Zazzle items in a Squidoo lens. She has such a delightful sense of humor that shines through in many of her lenses. If you haven’t met Ann yet or it has been a while since you visited her work, go take a gander at what she has been up to since she joined Squidoo. I believe you are in for a real treat!


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  1. Thanks for spotlighting this awesome lensmaster. I was not aware of her, and definitely would like to read more of her lenses. :)

  2. Very nice to see Ann in the spotlight. Her photography and lenses are wonderful :)

  3. Great to see Ann beign spotlighted – she is not only an excellent lensmaster but also a truly lovely person

  4. Ann is a wonderful lensmaster! Did you know that she also build custom lenses? I don’t know how she does it: lots of great lenses and time to help others!

  5. A worthy lensmaster!

  6. I just love Annes pages and photography, and I really feel as though we are there!

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