Out with the Old (SquidU), In with the New Squidoo Forum

It was with much shock and dismay that I journeyed to one of my daily check-in spots today, to find that it was no longer an active forum.  I have been a Squidoo member since 2008, and the SquidU forum has been a huge source of information and comraderie for me.  Over the last year or so, it has gone through some huge changes, and was no longer supported by Squidoo, so I guess it is not surprising to see it go altogether, but I will definitely miss it.

I cut my teeth on SquidU, learning what was appropriate for a lensmaster, and for online intercourse.  I came to Squidoo as a complete internet newbie.  I knew nothing about writing online, nor about Squidoo, and I learned a lot from the more experienced lensmasters who came before me.  While the SquidU forum was not always used properly, enough valid information and help came from the lensmasters who spent time there at one point in their Squidoo career, teaching others when they did not have to.

Some of my mentors are no longer visible on the SquidU forum, but certain of them are still there.   And many of the lensmasters that I graduated with, are spending many valuable hours helping other lensmasters.  I hope that the new Squidoo Forum will be as helpful to other lensmasters as the SquidU forum was to me.  It was, in essence, SquidUniversity, a place to learn everything you needed about Squidoo, through fellow lensmasters, and staff members.

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About lakeerieartists

Paula Atwell is an artist, writer, and owner of Lake Erie Artists Gallery at Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find her on Squidoo as lakeerieartists.


  1. Hello Paula,

    I was inactive for several months and also shocked that squidu.com is now read-only. I didn’t participate much but I planned to do so in the future :-)

    Now I’m totally confused about the new forum. Do I have to sign up seperatly somewhere? Because I think two of my posts didn’t show up in the new forum. (I didn’t try again because I thought I’d find the needed information within a few minutes.)

    Thanks in advance – I’m also new to this neat blog but it already found it’s way into my bookmark folder!


    • Glad you like Squidlog. We have had it up for a while now, and if you do searches, you can get some really good information.

      As to the new forum, I believe that you need to log in on the forum to post, using your Squidoo login. I haven’t had any trouble posting, but I have that others have. If you can’t post, send a bug report to Squidoo HQ.

      • Thank you for your kind reply.

        I think I have to contact the support because I’m logged in and can reply to forum posts. But when I do they don’t appear on the forums :(

        I’m not sure whether it’s a bug though or whether I’m just missing something here.

        (I liked the old forum better!)

        • Frederick, you may find that because of the way the posts are ordered (usually the newest is last) that is why you cannot see your posts. Have a look at the dropdown menus that appear at the top of the replies – there’s one that allows you to order the responses with the newest at the top. Methinks, that is where you will find your comments :)

  2. FreshStart7 says:

    Nicely and truthfully expressed Paula. I was also surprised and disappointed to see the SquidU Forum go. Like you, I hope the new Squidoo Forum is as good or even better.

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