In the Aftermath of Google Panda

With most of the effects of the Google Panda changes settling down, it is time to see what has actually happened both to Squidoo lenses, and other internet real estate across the board, and how that will affect what we as Squidoo lensmasters will do going forward to make sure that our earnings continue to grow, and our plans come to fruition.

I sit here sipping my morning coffee as I write this post, on a rainy Tuesday morning in Cleveland, Ohio, pondering my strategies for the rest of this year.  And frankly, although I have had to change a bit of my emphasis on what I am working on, in the end the strategies that I envisioned at the end of 2010, are really still quite valid in the new Google landscape.

For those of us who use Squidoo for income generation, it is great to know that for the most part, Squidoo lenses were not affected by the Google Panda shake up.  We have felt the minor waves of aftershock, and some individual lenses have had some small effects, but overall, Squidoo escaped unscathed by the most recent Google changes.

I think that I should make it clear that I do not believe that we should feel too smug about this, because if there is one thing that Google strongly pointed out to me, it is that you should not put all your “eggs in one basket” because who knows how the powers that be at Google will feel the next time around.  I do not think that I can advise strongly enough that every person who makes money from Squidoo should find at least one more way to make money online this year.

Sipping coffee usually makes me a bit contemplative, and while thinking about how my own income got affected by Google Panda, I will tell you that this has turned into an incredible opportunity for me to work with some of the top internet marketers on current and future business ventures that in the long run will be a huge boost to my income.  In the short run, income has been definitely affected, but luckily, I have a gallery that has been doing quite well in the last two months.

Lessons that I have learned from the Google Panda update:

  1. Don’t rely on one website for all of your income.  If Google suddenly decides that the website has less value, your income will significantly decrease.
  2. Don’t trust other website owners to always know what is the best course of action.  Sometimes they are wrong.
  3. While the Google updates make huge waves at the beginning, it is the resulting aftermath over time that is most important.
  4. Always search for opportunities in every situation, because negative situations can quickly change to positive opportunities if you are seeking them.
  5. We all wait too long to start our own network of websites to create an income that we are in control of.  Because of Panda, I have moved faster to create my own network of websites than I had originally planned, and now I realize that I should have done this a while ago.
  6. Squidoo is a great way to push traffic to your websites.  Squidoo lenses make great backlinks.
  7. Sometimes you have to pay for the best internet tools, but you shouldn’t be buying too many tools until you are actually making money online.

Here are some of the new websites that I have put up in the last couple of months since the Google Panda changes started:

Antique Vintage Gallery

Precious Metal Clay

Black Flowers

All of these are on Genesis themes on a WordPress platform.




About lakeerieartists

Paula Atwell is an artist, writer, and owner of Lake Erie Artists Gallery at Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find her on Squidoo as lakeerieartists.


  1. Paula, what an incredible post this is! You should sip coffee more often. Maybe we can get more from your amazing insights.

  2. You are very right about not depending on just one site for income. SEOMOZ has recently published their report, which comes out every two years, on Google Ranking Factors in 2011. It is worth a look. Wish you luck in the remaining half of 2011.

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