Checking Your Links When You Republish Your Lens

I have a lot of lenses,over 500 of them, and I cannot spend too much time babying them.  I have a general rule, which is that the lenses that are in the top two tiers get most of my attention, unless a seasonal lens’ season is coming up, then I update all the lenses in that season equally.  Mainly because I do not know from year to year, which lens will do well during a season.

The other thing I do is from time to time, go down to any lenses that are showing in the 50,000 lens rank and above and update them.

I was doing that today, when I came across one of my favorite lenses, Retro Bowling Shirt–The coolest gift for him.  This lens was originally written in July of 2009. That means that it is almost 3 years old. I happen to really love the products on the lens, and it has been a slow grower over time.  It usually does the best around Father’s Day and Christmas, so when I was reviewing it, I decided to test the product links to see if they were still good.  Once of the trickiest problems with selling products on lenses, especially if they are not books, is that the products can go out of style quickly, or the product numbers change.  This can lead to a lot of links going to blank pages.  Highly discouraging for readers.

As I went through this lens, I realized that almost all of the links were expired, and I had to completely change the products both from Amazon and Crusin’ USA which is a Shareasale vendor.  It makes sense that it would be hard to earn money on a lens that has all the products expired.  So I am writing this post to remind all of you to check your links on your own lenses, to make sure that they are still actively going to a product.  Otherwise, the links are wasted traffic.



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  1. The other thing I find that needs keeping an eye on Paula, is YouTube videos. Sometimes it is hard to tell which ones are legal and safe to use, as a result when YouTube deletes them, you can be left with a blank space on a lens :(

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