Buying A Lens Tip 3

For the last couple of weeks we have been discussing some tips on Buying A Lens from another lensmaster at Squidoo. As I have stated before, I like the ability to be able to purchase a lens or even a group of lenses that someone is willing to sell. I do believe that there are important things to consider before we buy them though.

I have mentioned that before we buy a lens we should do a bit of keyword research on our own. It doesn’t make sense to spend our money on a lens that covers a topic that is not going to produce some traffic. Remember to consider the competition involved. If the keywords are too broad in nature, how will anyone ever find your lens?

Are the keywords in the url? I believe that is an important piece of the puzzle, as it does seem to help that lens rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

OK, for tip number 3. Check for any copyright infringement or duplicate content that might be in the lens. Even though this is something that you can change after the lens is in your hands, it indicates that the lensmaster might be less than honorable in their intentions. You can make sure that you have given credit for images or take them out if you can’t get permission to use them. You can rewrite the content so that it is not duplicated elsewhere. My point is that we need to be diligent in looking over the lens we are considering buying and making certain that we might not find trouble knocking on our door later on. Deal with reputable lensmasters who are selling lenses and I would even go so far as to suggest lensmasters who have some experience in writing lenses that they are keeping. I have not run across any lenses for sale that fall into this category, but I am certain that there are some out there. There are always going to be those who are just interested in making a quick buck or two and not care that you might end up with a lens that gets locked or deleted.

I particularly like working with lensmasters who outline the advantages of the lenses they are selling. They let you know if it has been backlinked, they explain their pricing if it varies, and they give you some of their qualifications. Those lensmasters are building relationships with their buyers. They are hoping for repeat customers, so they are going to be paying attention to the keywords, the url, and not duplicating or infringing on copyrights. Don’t just assume that they have, check quickly and then feel comfortable in buying that lens.


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