Buying A Lens Tip 1

The first tip for buying a lens from a reputable lensmaster is probably the most important one in my humble little opinion. Last week I mentioned that I was going to do a short little series about going about buying a lens or two with the right mindset. Just as there are things to consider before we craft our own lenses, I feel that many of those same concepts need to go into choosing to buy a lens from a lensmaster.

So, what is the most important thing to look at when you see a lens that you are considering buying? What should you do before you click on that “buy me” button? I believe that the very first thing you should do is a little keyword research.  Now I see you over there in the corner rolling your eyes and muttering under your breath, “Again with the keyword research!” I know you may be tired of us repeating over and over again to do your keyword research but if it weren’t important we wouldn’t keep bringing it up.

Most of us create lenses or in this case purchase a lens because we want that lens to make some money for us. Right? How will the lens make money? It needs an audience of buyers who are looking for the topic and want to spend some money. How can you be sure that people are looking for the product? How do people search for the product? That’s where keyword research helps. It identifies how people look for something. I can tell you that many times I have thought they would look for it one way, only to find out that they really look for it with different terms than I thought. Paying attention to how people search for items makes the difference between success with converting sales and sitting at the bottom of your dashboard with no one finding your lens.

Let’s pretend that you are considering buying a lens about Widgets and you found one for sale about Kitchen Widgets. You are excited that you found it but wait a minute…are people looking for articles about widgets? Taking a few minutes to do some research you find that sure enough 10,000 people are looking for widgets in a month. Oh Boy! Ah but looking a little further you see that there are 20 million competitors for that keyword. Darn! Oh but the lens is about Kitchen Widgets…are people looking for those? One scenario would be that 2,000 people are looking for Kitchen Widgets and there are only 15,000 competitors. Hmmm, that’s looking better. A little closer look and you see that out of those 15,000 there are only 2 that have the keywords in the url and title. I would buy that lens because it appears to have a good chance to make me some money. A different scenario would be that no one is looking for Kitchen Widgets. If there are no potential buyers for Kitchen Widgets, why would you buy a lens or create a lens about them? The exception to that would be that you know that a new hot item will be released in a few months that will cause people to look for Kitchen Widgets. In that case it might be worth the gamble.

Bottom line is don’t just assume that the lensmaster selling the lens did the keyword research. They might have and they might not have. Before you buy check the potential for traffic and more importantly potential sales before you click on the “pay now” button.

See you next week with Tip 2….

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