An Interview With Bonnie from Squidoo HQ

Following on from our Interviews with Tom and Gil from Squidoo HQ, it’s now Bonnie‘s turn.

What’s your star sign and do you believe in Astrology?
Aquarius…and I’m pretty true to the traits. Independent, original, eccentric and I hope…friendly! I don’t run my life by the stars but I have been know to peek at my horoscope once in awhile.

When and why did you first start publishing on Squidoo?
I joined Squidoo on Feb 17th, 2007 through CafePress. I had no idea what Squidoo was but I immediately started doing my homework. I was so impressed with the platform and the community that by August of 2007 I had over 100 lenses.

What do you love about working on Squidoo?
LOL…what’s not to love! Seriously…I love coming to work every single day. I love helping lensmasters, solving problems, dreaming up new ideas, working to make Squidoo better and being part of an amazing team and community.

Have you ever met any Squidoo lensmasters face to face? Do you and Robin ever meet up?
Not yet but I do have plans to meet up with Robin one day. We’ve been working together for over 5 years now and talk regularly.

How do you see Squidoo evolving over the next year/five years? 
What’s so amazing about Squidoo is that it’s always changing and improving so it’s very hard to say in 5 years A, B and C will happen. What I do know that is that now is the absolute best time to be creating quality content that’s going to stand the test of time.

What about the Sales vs Content debate? Because it is clearly sales that have the potential to make members more income do you feel that a dangerous imbalance could be created between Product Reviews and more “meaty” content?
I never liked to separate sales and content lenses into two different camps because I believe that a sales lens can contain amazing content AND that a content lens can generate high sales. The key is to combine the two methods in such a way that delights, engages and motives a reader to not only buy something off of your lens but to share that lens with others who will do the same thing.

What are your interests outside of Squidoo?
I love to read (right now I am reading Rod Stewart’s new autobiography), I try to walk regularly and of course spending time with my family.

As a Work At Home Mom, do you find it hard to switch off from being online? Are you disciplined in this regard, or do you find yourself tempted to “just check my emails” at all hours?
I’m actually pretty organized (and mobile) which gives me the opportunity to work pretty much all day and still have time for my family. I also try to stay caught up on e-mails and questions. For example if I’m reading on my iPad at 10pm and an easy question comes in I tend to answer right away. I don’t do that every night but I try to stay caught up.

What is your working background?
I actually have a pretty diverse background. My formal training is a BA in English with a minor in Art. I have worked for Village Voice Media selling advertising in Cleveland, I ran a community Theatre and right before I started Squidoo I worked as an Asst. Director of Financial Aid at a local college. I also have a Zazzle Gallery called D & D Art Studio.

Do you see the Magazines being the way forward on Squidoo, if so why? Or will Lensmasters continue to have the option to “fly solo”?
Lensmasters will always have the option to “fly solo”, magazines are a bonus opportunity…and a great one at that! They allow a lensmaster to be a part of a niche topic platform and that’s a pretty amazing perk. I tend to get really excited when I talk about the magazines because I am a big fan myself.

I love that I can add my home decor or craft or Halloween lenses to a magazine and get cross-promotion within my niche and social promotion. If you haven’t already read this lens: All About Squidoo Magazines do take a look, it’s a great explanation of what we’re doing with magazines.

Thanks Bonnie and next up it will be Robin.


About AJ

I am a wannabe writer, who for five and a half years was very active on Squidoo. I left the site in November 2013 for many reasons. I am now focussing developing my own sites and I will share my journey on my own blog.


  1. Well done AJ, well thought out questions, and it’s great to learn more about you Bonnie. Amazing how so many of us have been on Squidoo for more than 5 years isn’t it.

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