A Brilliant New Free Squidoo Tool From Squidtools

Some time ago some observant Lensmasters announced that they had spotted a new script running in some of the modules on their lenses. The introduction of this script, called Lazyload, into the structure of the Featured Lenses and My Lenses moduless effectively hides them from Google. As a result Lensmasters started adding link lists to their lenses so as to not affect the backlinks they were creating between related lenses. Others started creating their own HTML links complete with images – but anyone who does this will tell you it can be a very fiddly job to get everything aligned properly.

However, thanks to a post by Waxing Lyrical on Facebook, I can now tell you about a free tool that will help you set up a list of lenses, complete with images plus an extract from the intro. It is basically the same as the My Lenses and Featured Lens modules, minus the lazyload script.

Squidtools is a new website, set up by Lensmaster A3labs and it has a range of free, helpful tools, including Featured Lenses. It is very easy to use and takes the pain out of trying to remember the HTML for aligning images to the left of the text. All you do is enter the URLs of the lenses you want to feature and the job is done for you.

I have already tried this out on some of my newer lenses, including The Hunger Games Review, and I am very pleased with the results.



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  1. I love any tool that will help me write code. Thanks.

  2. Thank you. I’ve just learning about squidoo and I love all the tools that help. Featured Lenses tool is great.

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