100 Reasons to Write Another Squidoo Lens

Every day, the first thing I do when I sit down to my computer is to check my stats.  I check about 10 sites including my bank account to see how much money I made the day before.  Today, when I added up the amounts that I made from Squidoo, it came to $100.  That result moved me to write this post.

The bald, bare truth is that I create Squidoo lenses to make money.  The money I make is split between feeding my family, and running my gallery, which in turn helps feed the families of numerous artists in my local area.  $100 goes a long way towards doing just that.

squidoo payout life to date 100 Reasons to Write Another Squidoo Lens

If you look at my Squidoo chart of income earned over my four years of being a lensmaster, you would not see that $100.  That is because much of the money is earned through links that are embedded into the text modules on my lens using images and text for items that people actually buy on other sites like CafePress, Zazzle, Amazon through direct affiliate partnerships.  These items are all related to the topic of whatever the lens is about, but do not show up in my official Squidoo earnings because I do not use Squidoo modules for them.

Many of the items are not available through Squidoo modules at all.

In addition to referral affiliate traffic, I also get direct referral traffic from Squidoo lenses to my Lake Erie Artists Gallery website, which is my biggest money earning website.  This is because I am selling items directly from the site, not through an affiliate.  Therefore, I earn much more than 5% to 15% on each item.  Of course, I have to pack them, ship them, and mail them, too.  However, the point I am trying to make is that way beyond the money I get each month from sales through Squidoo modules, and Tier payments directly from Squidoo, I earn much, much more each day through Squidoo lenses.  I do not earn $100 each day yet, but I am getting closer to that every day.  I do earning something each and every day; it is very rare that a day goes by without earning any money from Squidoo.

Therefore, I will keep writing new Squidoo lenses, updating old lenses, and creating new pathways for people to get what they want from my lenses, ultimately earning more money for myself, my family, and my neighborhood.


About lakeerieartists

Paula Atwell is an artist, writer, and owner of Lake Erie Artists Gallery at Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find her on Squidoo as lakeerieartists.


  1. Yep, no matter how much I try to diversify, I know that I can make more money, more quickly through Squidoo, because the SEO power the platform offers is huge. Combine that with good keyword research and quality content and it offers the potential for more income, more quickly, than any other site on which I publish.

    I am gradually diversifying but making Squidoo part of a marketing mix, not the crux of it just because I do not think it is safe to rely on just one site we do not own.

  2. Great information. I would like to open a shop one day and I have been noticing throug Squidoo that writing on it can help drive traffic to websites, blogs, and shops. So I am hoping it will help me get the traffic I might otherwise have trouble doing on my own.

  3. davidlynch says:

    This sounds great, to be able to make money on Sqidoo, but personally I still have to figure it all out, such as using keywords and links; see that Amazon features at the bottom of lenses but don’t know what content to put in there, have a lot to learn before I can earn.

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