You Can Make Money on Squidoo All Year


With all of the hype that is written about making money during the end of year holiday season, as well as how much we emphasize that Halloween is a good shopping season on Squidoo, lensmasters may think that it is very difficult to make money on Squidoo during the rest of the year. If that […]

The Best Squidoo Year Ever


I can confidently say now that it is December, that this has been my best Squidoo year ever.  There are numerous reasons why I have done so much better on Squidoo this year, than previous years, and my longevity on the site is part of that, however, I thought that I would review what I […]

When Do I Get Paid?


One of the toughest questions to answer for new Squidoo lensmasters is the big one:  When will they get paid?  It may be hard for you to understand why you have to wait approximately 60 days to get paid by Squidoo for your earnings.  I thought that I would give you some understanding about why […]

Linking Together Lenses in a Way that Search Engines Can See


It used to be that there were more ways to link together lenses with dofollow links through Squidoo modules, however, as load time has become more and more a factor, Squidoo has been reducing the links from lens to lens that Google can see when it sends out the search engine spiders. One of the […]

An Excellent Example of How to Use AllPosters on Your Lens


This afternoon I came across an excellent use of AllPosters on a Squidoo lens that I thought I would share with you all.  When I first started using AllPosters as a vendor, I didn’t really understand the best way to promote them, and because of that, I had many wasted months of earning $0 from […]